Investment approach

Gaia Impact Fund invests in renewable energy ventures operating in emerging countries. As an early stage investor, Gaia Impact Fund provides tailored financial and strategic support to its partner companies. This comprehensive approach to investment fully reflects our vision of entrepreneurship as a driving force for sustainable, local and inclusive growth.

Support approach

We have designed Gaia Impact Fund to be an impact catalyst. Our methodologies are purposed to help our companies thrive while realizing their social and environmental impact. Our team gathers entrepreneurs and energy experts which together commit to design sustainable and human-centred solutions. In so doing, Gaia Impact Fund seeks to build long-term partnerships to provide state-of-the-art financial, strategic and technical knowhow.

Investment segments

Mini grids

Minigrids (solar PV) are solutions for electrifying remote communities or villages

Small Decentralized Systems

Small solar systems are well-suited solutions for households or small enterprises in rural areas (“solar home systems or SHS”)

Commercial & Industrial

Solar asset possibly with storage capacity for large offtakers in direct consumption or net-metering (« commercial & industrial or C&I »).

Productive use of Energy

kWh produced enable new uses: e-mobility, water pumping for irrigation, cold chain activities

Enabling technologies

Tech innovations (IoT, hardware, software), allowing cost reduction for energy operators and better service for clients

New Renewables Energies

Hydrogen, waste-to-energy

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