Social and environmental impact:
a matter of conviction

Tons of CO2 avoided (SHS perimeter)
Persons benefiting from a better energy access
Local full-time jobs created

Our investments provide innovative and effective responses to key social and environmental challenges. Our impact methodologies, which combined specific reporting and targeted surveys elaborated in partnership, aim to reinforce the capacity and the strategic focus of the firms we invest in.

We believe that a deep understanding of their impact is key for companies which aim at increasing efficiency and prepare for the upcoming challenges of their field.

Impact report

This report accounts for our last two-years efforts and achievements along with our partners on ground. We wanted to achieve a thorough understanding of the impact of renewable energies, bringing the field experiences of our partners closer to the conclusions of academic research. From that methodology we positioned ourselves at two levels of impact: as a fund towards companies and as an organisation towards human beings.

Our results demonstrate the extent of the progress made in the sector but also the magnitude of the task to be accomplished. For instance the deployment of solar kits is based on the Pay-as-you-go system, very present in East Africa where it relies on strong penetration of “mobile money”, but must be consolidated in West Africa. Decentralized energy companies themselves have a catalytic effect on development, supporting a net energy transition that creates jobs.