Social and environmental impact:
a matter of conviction

Tons of CO2 avoided (SHS perimeter)
People benefiting from a better energy access
Full-time jobs created locally

Our investments provide innovative and effective solutions to key social and environmental challenges. Our impact methodologies, which combine specific reporting and targeted studies, aim to strengthen the assessment and monitoring of our partner companies’ strategic decisions and positionings.

We believe that companies achieving a deeper understanding of their impact can achieve greater efficiency and better tackle upcoming challenges.

Impact report

This report accounts for Gaia’s and its partners’ achievements in the first years. As we have sought to achieve a thorough understanding of the resulting impacts, we have brought together our partners’ field experiences and the conclusions of academic research. This methodology has led us to assess our impact from two perspectives: as a fund towards companies and as an organisation towards human beings.

Our findings shed light on how much progress has been made as well as what yet remains to be done. For instance, the development of solar kits is reliant on the level of implantation of pay-as-you-go systems in the concerned area. As a matter of fact, although mobile money is already very well established in East Africa, West Africa still lies behind to that regard. Besides, decentralized energy companies themselves operate a catalytic effect on development by supporting the transition towards clean energies as well as sustainable job generation.