Social and environmental impact

Tons of CO2 avoided
People benefiting from a better energy access
Full-time jobs created locally

Our investments provide innovative and effective solutions to key social and environmental challenges. Our impact methodologies, which combine specific reporting and targeted studies, aim to strengthen the assessment and monitoring of our partner companies’ strategic decisions and positionings.

We believe that companies achieving a deeper understanding of their impact can achieve greater efficiency and better tackle upcoming challenges.

Impact reports

Gaia Impact Fund focuses on evidence-based impact investing.

Published in 2019, our first impact report specifically focused on the solar home systems sector and the impact five of our portfolio companies made, exploring in considerable depth the companies’ sustainable footprint within local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

This year we chose a thematic approach to present the impact of our portfolio companies.

We are convinced that SMEs play an essential role in fostering growth and promoting economic activity worldwide. We share our findings and research on the impact of clean energy in local communities and SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, summarizing them in a new theory of change encompassing the outcomes and impacts of providing clean energy access to SMEs.

Climate being a key focus of our activities, we outline in the report our progress in accounting for carbon emissions avoided by companies from diverse sectors. We therein present our views on various methodologies used by the companies in our portfolio to calculate their environmental impact.