An energy impact fund to reduce energy poverty and tackle climate change

Energy poverty is characterised by measuring how much energy, time and polluting fuel is used to meet basic energy needs

Today, 1.2 billion people are still suffering from energy poverty according to the International Energy Agency. More than 95% of these people are located in developing areas in Asia or sub-Saharan Africa, and around 80% in rural areas.

Energy poverty and climate change are two crucial issues that the humanity will have to face in the years to come. To limit global warming to +2° from 2020 according to the 2015 Paris Agreement, the move from fossil fuel finance to green finance will be paramount.

When social & environmental impacts are required alongside financial sustainability

Our investments are meant to strengthen the local economies, empower the people, and comfort the local ecosystems.

Our approach includes a long term partnership with entrepreneurs based on trust and efficiency. Candidate companies go through a rigorous selection process that combines an impact assessment with an analysis of the financial security of their business model.