Gaia Impact Fund is a venture capital fund specialized in renewable energy investments with a high focus on start-ups, SMEs, and infrastructure projects that have a strong social and environmental focal point.

Cleantech supporting energy access

According to REN21’s report in 2016, 23.7% of the world’s global electricity is generated from renewable sources and 8,1 million people working in this sector. This access to a sustainable energy is also a tremendous opportunity to reduce energy poverty wherever it exists, while developing local economies.

Through competitive services and high end innovations, renewable energies are gradually proving their efficiency to fight against climate change.

An immediate market opportunity

With the price of renewable energies getting highly competitive and the widespread development of new innovative and affordable solutions – Cleantech, self-consumption, Solar Home systems, Pay-as-you-go, minigrids, big data – we believe that renewable energies have to be backed with significant investments from the private sector.

While climate change is a main issue, it can also be considered as an opportunity to develop a new clean economy while solving energy poverty and protecting our ecosystems.