A clearly identified set of ventures

Our investments meet the needs of clearly defined categories of ventures related to the renewable energy sector:

• Renewable energy producers

• Installers

• Engineering, Maintenance, and monitoring

• Manufacturers

• New Green Technologies

• Access to energy (SHS, Solar Pico Systems, Pay as you go, microgrids, etc.)

Accompanying the growth of small and medium-sized companies

From strategic support to investment, we support early stage ventures and SMEs in their growth dynamic.

Our methodology:

1. Investments through minority equity investments or convertible loans.

2. Active coaching on strategic and technical issues related to governance.

Our investment approach is:

Human centered: Our investment process includes a strong emphasis on individuals and teams. That is why the human dimension has a central role in our investment process.

Rigorous: Our aim is to come to an investment agreement within a short period of time, which necessitates rigor and efficiency on both sides.