Return of mission at Hybrid Solution – PHILIPPINES

Victor & Team Hybrid Solutions

“ We had the opportunity to spend several days on the ground with the team of Hybrid Solutions. It was an extremely enriching experience.

Hybrid Solutions distributes Off-Grid solar solutions in the Philippines by making partnerships with institutes of microfinance. By installing Solar Hubs across all the Philippines, which are spaces of showroom for their distributed products but also a hub overseeing a whole province, Hybrid Solutions  spreads its activity to the closest of the remote communities.

This dumping allowed us to meet the teams and to understand the stakes and the processes in Solar Hub. The testimonies and the customer satisfaction on the impact of products strengthens the will of Gaia Impact Fund to join over time with Hybrid Solutions the electrification of isolated zones in the Philippines. It is by these missions that we make a commitment with our partners to bring the maximum of support and our expertise.

Victor Beulque, Project Manager, GAIA Impact Fund, during his mission in the Philippines, August 2017.