Canopy Power – Singapore

Canopy Power is a Singaporean-based company, founded by Sujay Malve in April 2015. Canopy Power develops, designs, constructs, and operates hybrid solar-diesel minigrids in Southeast Asia.

The company proposes to commercial & industrial customers (commonly called “C&I”) operating in insular areas such as island resorts, plantations, mines to reduce overall energetic expenses by hybridizing polluting diesel generators with solar energy. Canopy Power developed a recognized expertise in designing and identifying optimal minigrid solutions and became a cost-efficient subcontractor for the main project developers in the renewable energy sector. In parallel to the turnkey solutions and the enablement toolkit, Canopy Power developed in-house a proprietary technology for minigrids’ control and management. This hardware has been developed in-house and allows a real optimization of the use of batteries and fuel.