Gaia Impact Fund continues to offset its carbon footprint

Through its activities, Gaia Impact Fund is acting to make its mark in the realization of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To be fully coherent with the Fund’s Values  and present a net zero carbon activity, Gaia Impact Fund chose to invest in a certified carbon sequestration project, selected and secured by Removall Carbon. Gaia Impact measures, reduces and offsetss emissions since 2020.

The Daem Rys Project aims to protect one of the last untouched rainforests remaining in Southeast Asia. The project prevents more than 3,860,000 tons of carbon emissions annually and protects 465,839 hectares of tropical rainforest in South-West Cambodia.

The project is also presenting several social benefits by employing more than 100 patrol guards, granting access to additional revenues through new agriculture practices to 1,410 families from 9 communities and improving revenues for 1,065 families from 12 communities thanks to community-based eco-tourism programs.

About Removall Carbon

Removall Carbon supports companies and organizations in their climate ambition by developing and structuring collective or tailored carbon funds, and by implementing rigorous and ambitious carbon offset programs. The company contributes to the net zero carbon objective by giving economic actors the opportunity to safely invest in certified carbon sequestration projects that meet all carbon offset best practices and improve local communities’ livelihoods over the long term.